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Palace 0.2.1
May. 20, 2003 16:10:00 MST
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Feb. 27, 2003 20:15:00 MST
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Palace in Action
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Palace - Device Control Interface

Palace - Device Control Interface

What is Palace?

Palace is a nifty visualization plugin for XMMS. It works by reading the Fourier frequency analysis given by XMMS, and activating particular pins on the parallel port based on the frequency analysis and configuration options. Palace is based on the XPLSISNJASP software project. For examples of hardware useful with Palace, see Discolitez or e-mail me at the e-mail address in the README file from the latest Palace version.

What will Palace become?

Palace is currently an XMMS plugin to control a light show connected to the parallel port. The eventual goal of palace is to provide a generic device control infrastructure for hobby (and possibly commercial) use. Over time Palace will be transitioned to a fully modular design, so that clients (applications trying to control something) and servers (libraries that act as an interface to an actual device) will be able to interact through a generic plug-in interface.

Palace's first goal is to become an XMMS parallel port light show plugin at least as good as the DiscoLitez ( light show plugin for WinAmp, and then evolve into a full-fledged control system.

Possible server plugins would include:

  • DMX-512 output to control professional lighting equipment
  • Laser/stepper motor
  • Parallel port
  • Generic DAC

Possible client plugins would include:

  • XMMS visualization plugin
  • Security system control software
  • Other automation software

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